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My friend, Krisztina Reisini has a very rare thing:  truly unique style.

One of the things she always loved and wore better than anyone else were hats.  I will never forget seeing her at a friend’s wedding in Southampton, NY, and there Krisztina, wearing a huge, undulating hat of magnificent proportions.  I could not take my eyes off her.

I had lunch at Fred’s with Krisztina the other day.  She arrived in a stiff knitted hat that came to a point about 10 inches above her head. When we walked out, street fashion photographer extraordinaire, Bill Cunningham, was in the street looking for great fashion to photograph.  He took one look at Krisztina and started snapping away.  That Sunday, in the NYTimes Style Section, there was Krisztina.

The good news for all of us is we can buy Krisztina’s exquisite hats at  In her first year of business, she has had great coverage from the great fashion magazines.  Her new jewel box of a shop in London will open soon.