Winka Dubbeldam

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Winka Dubbeldam is a truly global person and architect.  I am proud that she is an Expert Advisor to the Global Partnership.  Born in Sweden, she was the face of architecture for Harvard University, and now has the role at the U. of Penn.  She travels the world, creating her projects in key global markets; her work, cutting edge, beautiful and using sustainable materials, represents the future of architecture.  Please meet Winka.

Winka Dubbeldam is the founder and principal of Archi-Tectonics [1994]. Dubbeldam has a Masters Degree in Architecture, Rotterdam [1990], and a 2nd Masters from Columbia University, NYC [1992]. She has lectured extensively and taught at the Masters Programs of Columbia University, NYC, Harvard, Cambridge, and Cornell, and currently holds the position of Director of the 2nd Masters Program at UPenn, Philadelphia. Winka is an external examiner for the RIBA/ARB at the Architectural Association, London, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Urban Design, NYC, and on the Board of Advisors for BOFFO, NYC.

Archi-Tectonics begins each design process with a focus on the essence of the project. We do so through a performance based, client specific study, which results in the creation of A CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE. We realize that human beings acquire their essence through their relations to “Form”. We are passionate about the use of hybrid sustainable materials and smart building systems while remaining in the designated budget. Our expertise in the FTF process [file to factory] facilitates the construction of affordable, high-end design.

Over the years we have built a strong, highly qualified team, ranging from car-designers, fabricators to craftsmen, to name a few. Co-creation with client, engineers and consultants have added critical value to our projects. The combination of Back to Basics and team work, has proven to be a great multiplier of return on the client’s investments. Through this optimization we create a unique space formation, A SPECIFIC DESIGN FOR A SPECIFIC CLIENT.

Archi-Tectonics built to date six ground-up buildings. The 80,000 sf mixed-use GW497 Building [2004] is an eleven-story structure with as its main feature a custom-designed folded curtain wall. A first in parametric design, we developed the geometry and engineering of the curtainwall through a 3-D computer model, is was fabricated globally and installed locally. This guaranteed exact measurements and facilitated fast production time. We also recently completed the 14 story 60,000 sf American Loft Tower, Philadelphia [2009] with 40 residential units, the 2500 sf GT house, Upstate NY, and the Prefab Dub Residence in Germany [2500 sf]. This year we completed the 39,000 sf LRH Building, the 40,000 sf Vestry Building and the 3500 sf Chelsea Townhouse, all in Manhattan.

Archi-Tectonics built several lofts in Mahhattan for a distinguished clientele; the Ellen Von Unwerth Loft, the John Legend Loft [2010], the Frederique van der Wal Loft [2010], the Eisen Penthouse and DePaola’s Penthouse, are a few to be named. We are also proud of our repeat clients such as Frederique, Duggal, and Ports1961 to name a few.

Archi-Tectonics has participated in the following group exhibitions; “Rethinking the Void”, in The Guggenheim [2010], “Performalism” the Tel-Aviv Museum of Modern Art [2008], the PAN exhibit [2006] in the Taylor Gallery, NYC, MOCA’s “Skin and Bones”, Los Angeles, Tokyo [2006 - 2007], The London Biennale [2006], the Venice Biennale [2002 & 2004], and the exhibitions “75 years of architecture at MOMA” [2007], “Young Architects” [2001] and the “UnPrivate House” exhibit [1999] all in the Museum of Modern Art New York. Archi-Tectonics has been featured in a multiplicity of International professional journals, and in the three monographs “Winka Dubbeldam Architect” by 010 publishers [1996], “AT-INdex” by Princeton Press, NY [2007], and “Archi-Tectonics” , a Monograph by DAAB, Germany [2010].

Dubbeldam received the “Emerging Voice” award from the Architectural League NYC [2001], was nominated as “The Best and Brightest” by Esquire Magazine [2004] and Archi-Tectonics received the IIDA / Metropolis “Smart Environment Award”[2006].

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